27.03.20 | What a quarter it's been

By Bryna Howes 27 March 2020 1 min read

Welcome to our latest quarterly update — and what a quarter it’s been.

If this is your first quarterly update, this is where we look back over the past few months and discuss what’s been going on behind the scenes at Spaceship, and take a closer look at some of the launches and landings that have happened. So, without further ado…

We launched a web app

In January, we hit the ground running and launched the Spaceship Voyager web app. It has everything you know and love about the mobile app… and some stellar extras. In particular, you can see the top movers in your portfolio on the dashboard and sort the companies in your portfolio by country and sector. If you haven’t already, check it out here.

We added passcode and biometrics security

It might not be the most exciting update, but we liked it: we added passcode and biometrics security to the mobile app!

We hired some new Spaceship-pers

We’ve got some big plans for 2020, which means we need more hands on deck. Back in January, we welcomed Andrew Malak, our new Chief Product Officer, and Olly Emery, our new Chief Marketing Officer, which was really exciting.

We saw the market take a rollercoaster ride

Back in February, we saw markets reach all-time highs, and then shortly after, hit some serious speed bumps as fears over the coronavirus pandemic set in. This has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for everyone, so we have written on it a few times.

You can read more about our belief in long-term investing here and you can read a bit about the changes we’ve recently made to our portfolio here.

On that note, we know this is a rapidly evolving situation, and we want to assure you all we’re here to answer your questions or hear your thoughts at any time.

P.S. We’ve got big plans for next quarter, so stay tuned.

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Bryna Howes is the Head of Content & Brand at Spaceship. She's equally obsessive about cinnamon donuts and scouring the web for great reads.

27.03.20 | What a quarter it's been